A Shorten Labor Government will tackle multinational tax dodgers to help pay for our priorities – better schools, better hospitals and protecting Medicare.
Labor will implement a number of measures targeting multinational tax avoidance and high wealth tax dodgers, saving the budget $4.8 billion over the next decade, including stopping companies claiming illegitimate deductions for travel to and from known tax havens.
Working Australians pay their taxes – it’s only fair that multinationals pay their fair share too.
Labor will also close a loophole that allows companies to deduct bad debt from related party financing arrangements.
These measures build on Labor’s existing plans to make the tax system fairer for all Australians.
Labor will make firms undertaking business in tax havens disclose that to shareholders and make significant tenderers disclose their country of tax domicile.
We will introduce public country-by-country reporting, work with superannuation funds to make sure they develop guidelines for tax haven investments and stop citizenship shopping by requiring Australians with foreign residency to report to the Tax Office.
Tax havens are used by drug-runners, extortionists and counterfeiters. Around four-fifths of the money shifted to tax havens is estimated to be in breach of other countries’ tax laws. Half the money in tax havens is estimated to be owned by the top 0.01 percent. One estimate suggests that Australians have around $100 billion parked in tax havens.
Australians know that when multinational tax dodgers and the super-rich don’t pay their fair share, we can’t fund our education and health systems properly.
While the Coalition is paralysed by infighting and indecision, Labor has made serious decisions to balance the budget, pay down debt and fund its positive policies for schools and hospitals.
Labor knows what needs to be done and will continue to lead the debate on multinational tax avoidance.
If the Coalition was serious about tax fairness, it would adopt Labor’s plan.

  • Tighten debt-deduction loopholes used by multinational companies, improving the Budget by $3 billion over the medium term.
  • Capping deductions for managing tax affairs at $3,000.
  • Close a debt deduction loophole to ensure consistent treatment in related party financing arrangements.
  • Automatically deny deductions from companies for travel to and from tax havens.
  • Increase penalties for individuals and entities promoting tax evasion and avoidance.
  • Crack down on citizenship shopping by requiring all individual Australian taxpayers to notify and declare to the Australian Taxation Office if they have residency or citizenship of any other jurisdiction and the name of that jurisdiction.
  • Introduce public reporting of country-by-country reports, ensuring the release of high-level tax information about where and how much tax was paid by large corporations (over $1 billion in global revenue).
  • Provide protection for whistleblowers who report on entities evading tax to the Australian Taxation Office and, where whistleblowers’ information results in more tax being paid, allow them to collect a share of the tax penalty (a reward of up to $250,000).
  • Introduce a publicly accessible registry of the beneficial ownership of Australian listed companies and trusts, allowing the public to find out who really owns our firms.
  • Introduce mandatory shareholder reporting of tax haven exposure, requiring companies to disclose to shareholders as a ‘Material Tax Risk’ if the company is doing business in a tax haven.
  • Appoint a community sector representative to the Board of Taxation to ensure community sector voices are heard in tax design and review processes.
  • Introduce public reporting of Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) data and require the annual public release of international cash flow data.
  • Require all firms tendering for Australian Government contracts worth more than $200,000 to state their country of domicile for tax purposes.
  • Develop guidelines for tax haven investment by superannuation funds.
  • Require that the Australian Taxation Office’s annual report provide information on the number and size of tax settlements.

Restore Labor’s $100 million threshold for public reporting of tax data for private companies, which was raised to $200 million by the Liberals and Greens in a move which exempted two-thirds of private firms from tax transparency.


From today, parents and teachers will be able to find out how much extra funding their local public school will get under a Shorten Labor Government, and what a difference this will make for their kids.
A new website – – will give each school an estimate of the extra funding it can expect in the first three years of Labor’s plan.
Labor will provide an extra $14 billion for public schools to deliver the biggest school investment in Australian history.
Every student in every public school will be better off under Labor’s plan.
Parents and teachers know what this could mean for their children: more one on one attention, an extra teacher or teacher aide.  This funding will give schools the resources they need to help students master the basics such as reading, writing, maths, and science, and offer a broader range of subjects including languages, coding, the arts, and vocational education.
Our extra investment will transform public schools across Australia and give all children the opportunity to reach their full potential, no matter where they live, or how much their parents earn.
Australian schools should be the best in the world, and every Australian child deserves the best start in life.
Labor believes that for parents to have real choice, governments have a responsibility to make sure our public schools are second to none.
But at the moment, because of Scott Morrison’s cuts, almost nine in ten public schools will never get to their fair funding level.
Over the last five years all the Liberals have done is attack public schools and slash their funding.
Scott Morrison doesn’t think the 2.5 million students in the public school system deserve fair funding – he thinks he can get away with his cuts.
Labor can pay for better public schools because unlike the Liberals, we’re closing tax loopholes for the top end of town and making multinationals pay their fair share.
Scott Morrison’s record as Treasurer is three budgets of cuts to schools, all to pay for his tax handouts to the big banks and top end of town.
Labor has different priorities – we will crackdown on multinational tax avoidance and give our kids a better future by investing in schools.
At the next election there will be a clear choice for voters – Labor’s commitment to invest in public schools, or the Liberals’ cuts.

Step out and fly right this Halloween, police remind pedestrians

Step out and fly right this Halloween, that’s the message as police remind pedestrians about staying safe while trick or treating.
Traffic and Highway Patrol’s Acting Assistant Commissioner Julie Middlemiss said this afternoon’s trick or treaters should remember to travel around their suburbs safely.
“We know the kids and some big kids will be setting out for the afternoon around the same time people are starting to arrive home from work,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Middlemiss said.
“Drivers need to remember to slow down in suburban areas, particularly where there are a lot of younger families who may be trick or treating.
“If you are supervising the kids while they are trick or treating this afternoon, it is important to use designated lights and crossings, where possible.
“You should make you and your group stand out by using torches and glow sticks, so drivers can see you.”
Acting Assistant Commissioner Middlemiss added it was important to remember not everyone marked Halloween each year – so it was best to stick to houses with decorations on their properties.
While we acknowledge the meaning of ‘trick or treating,’ ensure you respect people’s decision not to participate in the festivities, as damage to properties will not be tolerated, she said.

Act of indecency and assault on train; man charged – Morisset

A man has been charged over an alleged act of indecency and assault on a train on the state’s Central Coast yesterday.
Just before 6.30pm (Monday 29 October 2018), it’s alleged a 27-year-old man boarded a northbound train at Wyong Railway Station and attempted to talk to two passengers – a 20-year-old woman and a 17-year-old girl.
Police will allege the man committed an act of indecency and assault before getting off the train at Morisset Railway Station.
Officers from the Police Transport and Public Safety Command were notified and patrolled the Morisset Railway Station.
A short time later, police located a man at a bus stop outside the Railway Station.
The 27-year-old man from Wyong was taken to Toronto Police Station and charged with commit act of indecency with person 16 years or over and common assault.
The man was refused bail to appear at Toronto Local Court today (Tuesday 30 October 2018).

Drink drivers detected 15 minutes apart – Tamworth

Two men will face court after being detected high-range drink driving within 15 minutes of each other at Tamworth at the weekend.
About 7.40pm on Sunday (28 October 2018), police stopped a silver Mitsubishi Lancer sedan on Duri Road, South Tamworth.
The driver, a 21-year-old man and holder of a provisional licence, was arrested after a positive roadside breath test.
He returned an alleged subsequent breath analysis reading of 0.177 and was charged with High Range PCA.
The man’s licence was suspended and he is due to appear at Tamworth Local Court on 19 November 2018.
About 15 minutes later, police stopped the same car on Duri Road, South Tamworth, after it was observed driving with no taillights.
A different driver, also a 21-year-old man, was arrested after he returned a positive roadside breath test. He subsequently returned an alleged breath analysis reading of 0.162 at Tamworth Police Station.
Further checks revealed his provisional 2 licence was disqualified until October 2022.
He was charged with High Range PCA (second subsequent offence) and drive while disqualified.
The man was granted conditional bail and will appear at Tamworth Local Court on Monday 19 November 2018.

Greens back union & ACF call for independent authority to manage transition away from coal

Greens Co-Deputy Leader and climate change and energy spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP today backed separate calls from unions, a UNSW study and the Australian Conservation Foundation for an independent energy transition authority to manage the closure of coal-fired power stations. The Greens will reintroduce legislation to establish an independent statutory authority, Renew Australia, to oversee the transition of Australia’s electricity system to one based on renewable energy.
The Greens’ bill, which did not receive support from Liberal or Labor when previously introduced, would spend $500 million to establish Renew Australia, legislate a timetable for the closure of coal-fired power stations to provide certainty to workers and communities and create a $250 million Clean Energy Transition Fund to assist coal workers and communities with the transition.
“To avoid the mistakes of Hazelwood’s last minute closure and to ensure a just transition, a clear plan is needed to manage the energy transition,” said Mr Bandt.
“The Greens have been calling for the establishment of an independent statutory authority to manage the energy transition since the last election, but our calls have been ignored by the major parties.
“The Greens are of one mind with mining unions, academics and conservation groups on the need for an independent statutory authority to oversee an orderly transition away from coal.
“The old parties created the mess of the National Electricity Market and the Liberals are failing to act on the transition to renewables, let alone the management of that transition. We need a new public authority to lead the transition to a new energy system, without leaving coal workers in the lurch.

“The old parties have a habit of adopting Greens policies, from a royal commission into the banks to legislating to protect penalty rates. I hope they’ll ‘borrow’ this one as well.”

Newcastle Gallery has 500,000 reasons to celebrate

Newcastle Art Gallery has added 49 works of art with a combined value of more than half a million dollars to its collection, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of private donors and a challenge from Sydney-based philanthropists James and Jacqui Erskine.
The Gallery will debut these works of art and celebrate the donors through a special exhibition THE ERSKINE PLEDGE: a gift to Newcastle, showcasing 12 artworks donated by James and Jacqui Erskine as well as 36 from the collections of other private donors.
Lindy LEE	 The First Immeasurable - Love (an unbounded heart) 2017Another major acquisition for the Gallery, The First Immeasurable – Love (an unbounded heart) 2017 by artist Lindy Lee, will be unveiled as part of the exhibition. It was gifted by the Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation, with the assistance of the Newcastle Art Gallery Society and private donors.
“These works of art are invaluable additions to the Gallery’s already substantial art collection and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the City to all of the donors, and particularly to James and Jacqui Erskine for spearheading this effort,” said Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes.
In 2017, the Erskines challenged the Foundation to raise donations of either cash or works of art to the value of $250,000 and pledged to match that amount with a donation of art from their own private collection.
Through the combined efforts of Gallery staff and the Foundation, the challenge was met by early 2018.
Newcastle Art Gallery Director Lauretta Morton said it was incredible to see the challenge met so quickly.
“This achievement highlights how working together can further advance the significance of Newcastle Art Gallery and the City’s collection for the benefit of our community,” she said.
“James and Jacqui Erskine laid down the challenge, and by doing so inspired more benefaction for the Gallery.
“Their generosity and commitment to Newcastle Art Gallery means that these fantastic works of art can be appreciated and enjoyed by future generations of Novocastrians.”
THE ERSKINE PLEDGE: a gift to Newcastle will be on display at Newcastle Art Gallery from 3 November 2018 – 28 January 2019.
The Erskines’ connection to Newcastle Art Gallery began when they were private lenders to the JOHN OLSEN: The City’s Son exhibition in 2016.
James Erskine said the couple is gratified with the success of the challenge for Newcastle Art Gallery.
“For those of us who have been fortunate enough to collect, a thought: The suit you die in has no pockets, ” he said.
“It’s a good feeling when many benefit from a few.”
In fulfilling their generous pledge, the couple donated 12 works of art to the Gallery’s collection by the following artists:
  • Steven Harvey
  • Linde Ivimey
  • Chris Langlois
  • Brett McMahon
  • Peter Sharp
  • Dick Watkins
  • Karl Wiebke
An additional 36 works of art featured in THE ERSKINE PLEDGE exhibition from other private donors are by these artists:
  • Earle Backen
  • Hatton Beck
  • Yosl Bergner
  • Charles Blackman
  • David Boyd
  • Lucy Boyd Beck
  • Judy Cassab
  • Ray Crooke
  • Shay Docking
  • Donald Friend
  • Tom Gleghorn
  • Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi
  • Nora Heysen
  • Louis James
  • Bernard Leach
  • Keith Looby
  • Elwyn Lynn
  • Margaret Olley
  • Hubert Pareroultja
  • William Peascod
  • Lloyd Rees
  • Rae Richards
  • David Rosetzky
  • Wendy Sharpe
  • Shigeo Shiga
  • Jack Carington Smith
  • Joshua Smith
  • Ken Unsworth
  • John Wolseley
  • Salvatore Zofrea

Caption for image above:
Lindy LEEThe First Immeasurable – Love (an unbounded heart) 2017 mirror polished stainless steel, LED lighting
155.0 x 55.0 x 55.0cm Gift of the Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation with the assistance of the Newcastle Art Gallery Society and public donations 2018 Newcastle Art Gallery collection

Supercars charity luncheon helps ‘sistas’ escape harm

City of Newcastle will host business and community leaders at a fundraising event during the Newcastle 500 to help power a global campaign to end violence against women.
The Fort Scratchley function will be held on Saturday 23 November, the penultimate day of Supercars Australia’s 2018 season, for White Ribbon Day which falls on Friday 22 November,  in support of the City of Newcastle’s charity partner Got Your Back Sista.
Got Your Back Sista’s team of Mel Histon, Jo Buckingham and Janine Chandler with Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes.
“With the eyes of the world focused on Newcastle for the Supercars Finale, we have seized a great opportunity to shine a light on this very important issue,” Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said.
“White Ribbon’s message is focused on engaging men, so a sporting event that attracts millions of male viewers is the perfect vehicle to keep the momentum of recent years going – not only in raising awareness of everyone’s responsibilities when it comes to domestic violence but also to raise precious money to fund more sanctuaries for victims.
“I’d like to thank Supercars Australia on behalf of the city for providing 100% of the tickets to the function and joining us in the name of White Ribbon Day and Got Your Back Sista.”
Got Your Back Sista became the City’s first official charity partner through Council’s Community Impact Program established last year.
Founder Melissa Histon will address the 150 prominent local business and community leaders before a charity auction that will see items go under the hammer.
“The luncheon is a great opportunity to share our message that domestic violence is never acceptable and that we are there for anyone suffering its terrorising effects,” Histon said.
“Got Your Back Sista is a Newcastle based charity focused on helping women and children who have fled domestic violence to set-up a safe home free from violence.
“We work to help women start their lives again and live independently, so we are profoundly grateful for the support of both the City of Newcastle and Supercars.”
Costs for the fundraising event were approved as part of the City’s 2018/19 budget.
Fort Scratchley, equipped with marquee and outdoor furniture, is available for hire on Friday and Sunday of the Supercars weekend, with the expected income from those days slated to offset the cost of staging Saturday’s event.
White Ribbon Day is part of the global White Ribbon Campaign, which symbolises the idea of men giving up their arms, and is committed to creating societies in which all women can live safely.
Formed by a group of men in Ontario in 1991 in response to a massacre of female university students, today the movement promotes healthy relationships, gender equity and compassionate masculinity in more than 60 countries.

Newcastle demos SDGs for UN visitor

The head of the United Nations office in Australia is the special guest of our UN city today just months after City of Newcastle adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals as part of our long-term strategic plan.
Christopher Woodthorpe, Director of the United Nations Information Centre, is a keynote speaker at a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Symposium at Newcastle City Hall.
Christopher Woodthorpe with Josh Wilkes and 94-year-old Hamilton resident Jean Campbell
“The SDGs are our plan for a better world for all, and it’s inspiring to see how City of Newcastle is pursuing this aspiration,” said the Canberra-based UN veteran, a regional spokesperson on the multilateral program adopted in 2015.
This morning he caught up with Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes and another of the City’s on-the-ground SDG flagbearers, Josh Wilkes. As a bin positioner for our Waste Management team, Mr Wilkes practices at least five of the SDGs on his daily rounds.
He drives across the local government area ahead of garbage trucks – and in their wake – to help around 200 people with mobility challenges by taking out their bins and then tucking them back inside again.
“This is a fantastic example of how we already put the spirit of the SDGs into practice in an attempt to make life better for residents in a smart, liveable and sustainable global city,” the Lord Mayor said.
“The SDGs explicitly include disability and persons with disabilities 11 times, so I’m delighted to show Mr Woodthorpe how the City of Newcastle is changing our processes and practices to align with them while improving services to our community.”
Today’s symposium, organised by the City in partnership with the Australian Library and Information Association, is looking at how the UN SDGs can be applied to the arts sector.
Representatives from the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum (GLAM) sector from across the Hunter Region are discussing how they can collectively embrace and further the goals.
The 17 UN SDGs are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership to end poverty and other deprivations, improve health and education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth.
The bin positioner role emerged from the City’s Social Strategy, out of which also came the capability to support residents recently displaced from non-compliant boarding houses.
The City will begin engaging with the community next month to update the strategy, which will be closely aligned to the SDGs, and refresh our goals to further support social connections in our communities.
The 17 sustainable development goals to transform our world are:
GOAL 1: No Poverty
GOAL 2: Zero Hunger
GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
GOAL 4: Quality Education
GOAL 5: Gender Equality
GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
GOAL 13: Climate Action
GOAL 14: Life below Water
GOAL 15: Life on Land
GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
The City of Newcastle was officially made a UN City in 2016 when the UN’s training arm announced that the University of Newcastle would host an International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Australasia and the Pacific region.


The Australian Labor Party is pleased to announce that Dr Brian Owler has nominated to be Labor’s candidate for Bennelong at the next federal election.
Dr Owler is a neurosurgeon, former president of the Australian Medical Association and past president of the AMA NSW.
As President of the AMA, Dr Owler led the campaign against the Liberals’ Medicare Freeze and GP Tax.
“As a doctor, a surgeon and a health advocate, I’ve dedicated my career to caring for people and serving the community.
“I’ve seen the pressure that’s been placed on hospitals and staff because of the Liberals’ funding cuts, and I’ve seen how undermining Medicare is bad for patients and for GPs,” Dr Owler said.
“I believe there is a critical choice at the next election over the future of health care in Australia. We can’t risk more Liberal cuts to health care. That’s why I’m putting my hand up.
“I want to pay tribute to our former candidate, Lyndal Howison. She is a formidable local campaigner with strong Labor values, and I’m pleased I’ll be able to rely on her support and advice during the campaign.
“I want to represent Labor in Bennelong because only a Shorten Labor Government will prioritise Medicare and local hospitals, and provide a positive vision for Australia.”
Labor Leader Bill Shorten welcomed Dr Owler to the Labor team.
“Labor believes it should be your Medicare card, not your credit card, that determines your access to health care in this country,” Mr Shorten said.
“Brian has spent his career fighting for quality, affordable health care, because he knows firsthand the difference it makes to people’s lives.
“Brian lives and breathes Medicare and he’ll be an outstanding addition to the party that created Medicare and defends it every day”.
Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Plibersek said a vote for Labor in Bennelong is a vote for better healthcare.
“The next election is a choice between protecting Medicare and hospitals, or more of the same Liberal cuts and chaos under Scott Morrison.
“The Liberals in Canberra have cut hospitals, frozen the Medicare rebate, and now they are outsourcing Medicare jobs to labour hire companies.
“Morrison and the Liberals will always attack Medicare. Bill Shorten and Labor will always protect it.”