Type 1 Diabetes community call for funding for an insulin pump that has already been promised and approved by the government  

The Type 1 Diabetes community are calling on the government to keep its commitment to fund a new insulin management system. While many welcomed the election promise from the Coalition and Labor to fund continuous glucose monitoring for people with Type 1 Diabetes, those who had been waiting for good news about the reimbursement of the Omnipod DASH System have been left disappointed. 

Users are currently paying for the technology out of their own pocket despite commitments from the outgoing Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt. In late 2021, Mr Hunt told the media of Omnipod, “I guarantee if they approve it, we will fund it.” Despite being approved and recommended for funding, no further announcements or financial commitments have been made from either side of the political aisle.

Stacey Moragiannis, a Melbourne resident who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 43 years, has been advocating for better access to diabetes management technologies. Ms Moragiannis has been using Omnipod DASH System since November 2021 and no longer feels like a ‘diabetic’.

“I had a complete change of my lifestyle and now can do anything without being stressed about the amounts of insulin I need. I no longer feel like a Type 1 Diabetic. I am currently self-funding Omnipod by drawing down on my mortgage. I am fearful that without public subsidy, I will not be able to self-fund for much longer and I will have to come off Omnipod therapy,” said Ms Moragiannis.

Kelly Caven, a Queensland resident whose son Liam is an Omnipod DASH System user, says her family is self-funding the Omnipod at over $400 per month which has caused a huge financial and mental burden. 

“The government needs to be held accountable in providing a reasonable timeframe for funding so that more kids like Liam can access it,” Says Ms Caven. 

The Coalition committed $273M to deliver continuous glucose monitoring devices and this was quickly matched by Labor. People with Type 1 Diabetes who use the Omnipod DASH – a discreet, tubeless insulin pump – have been left out of any benefits as the technology does not fit with current funding models. 

Joanna Sader, Country Manager for Insulet Australia, says the company is doing everything it can to secure public funding for its Omnipod DASH system. 

“The Omnipod DASH insulin delivery system has been rigorously approved and a commitment was made by Minister Hunt to fund this technology. The Diabetes community need to know when this will happen. Hopefully good news will be coming,” said Ms Sader. 

Inclusion of Omnipod DASH System on the NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme) would create important equity of access for Australians living with Type 1 Diabetes. The type 1 diabetes community remains hopeful that the government will follow through on its funding promise prior to the federal election in May. 

One thought on “Type 1 Diabetes community call for funding for an insulin pump that has already been promised and approved by the government  ”

  1. The Omnipod has not been approved for funding.

    You could do some basic research like I did (either by contacting the Department of Health or not just picking an isolated part of what Hunt said) and you would see that the MSAC said the device wasn’t inferior to other insulin pumps, but it had not gone through a Health Technology Assessment yet (which means it can’t have been recommended for funding). Ms Sader is spreading hope to people with what is clearly a distortion of facts.

    How is it that people that ask genuine questions that don’t suit certain people get labelled conspiarcy theorists or spreaders of misinformation, but you guys can publish what is clearly wrong and something that will get people worked up?

    I hold out hope that funding will be provided to make Omnipod less of a financial burden. Maybe one day. The announcement by both major parties for CGM access is a huge win.

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